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Interior Design Presentation Templates

Create Custom Client Pitches

Made with interior designers in mind, our design presentations allow infinite possibilities for customization, so you can present your client pitch uniquely, beautifully, and professionally.

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Step into the world of free-spirited boho aesthetics with the Liv Design Presentation. With its laid-back and relaxed vibe, Liv Design Presentation exudes confidence in every slide, making it perfect for those who dare to be different.


If you're looking to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your designs, Liv Design Presentation is the way to go!



Step into elegance and sophistication with the Alba Design Presentation. With its stunning emerald green and gold color scheme, this template exudes glamour at every turn. Impress your clients with a presentation that's as stylish as it is professional.


Whether you're showcasing your latest project or pitching new ideas, Alba Design Presentation has got you covered. Don't settle for ordinary - choose extraordinary.

Interior Design Presentation Templates
Interior Design Presentation Templates



Transform your interior design pitch with soft elegance and sophistication using our Rose Design Presentation template. With delicate detailing, and sloped handwritten copy that will captivate your clients from the very first glance.

Elevate your designs with a feminine touch that exudes gentle confidence and creativity.



Unleash your creative prowess with the Margeaux Design Presentation. With its dramatic and bold aesthetic, this template exudes confidence and sets a powerful tone for showcasing your vision.


The dark yet cozy ambiance provides the perfect canvas to bring your concepts to life. Elevate your design game today with the Margeaux Design Presentation.

Interior Design Presentation Templates
Interior Design Presentation Templates



A sleek and minimalist design template that exudes elegance and sophistication. It features clean lines, a monochromatic palette, and an emphasis on essential elements such as shape, texture, and color. 


With its simple yet impactful design, this presentation template allows your work to speak for itself. Impress your clients with confidence as you showcase your designs in style with the Lilli Design Presentation.



Interior Design Presentation Templates

The Juno collection exudes tranquility and serenity. Inspired by the understated elegance of sage, a muted green-gray hue, Juno Design Presentation is soothing to the eye and calming to the soul.

Interior Design Presentation Templates



With a focus on natural finishes and inspiration from nature, the Juniper design template exudes a raw yet refined aesthetic. Get ready to impress your clients with a confident presentation that captures the essence of Mother Nature herself.

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